Markdown preview extension for sublime text 3

If you want to add markdown support to your Sublime Text, you can simply install some plug-ins. To do this, you must install the Package Control first. Then we will install Markdown Preview and Markdown Editing packages.

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Untrack files in git

When you do some local changes on your code, but wish to untrack them in Git you can use --assume-unchanged flag.

This will tell git you want to start ignoring the changes to the file:

git update-index --assume-unchanged path/to/file

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Import huge databases faster in mysql

Recently I needed to import very huge SQL dumps to my local machine. There were 10 different .sql files dumped from Moodle and each of them were sized more than 10GB with approximately 5 million rows. First of all, I tried to import them in a traditional way by using:

mysql -u username -p some_db < database1.sql

However each import request took a very long time, approximately 6-7 hours for each .SQL file. Please also you consider that I conducted this operation in a brand new laptop with Intel i7 CPU, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD disk. Since I didn't have 60 hours for importing all these dump files, I took a look for potential solutions and found a very effective one.

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GEM - Pundit ile authorization (cancan alternatifi)

Ryan Bates'in sırra kadem basmadan önce geliştirdiği GEM'lerden biri de cancan. Ryan ortadan kaybolup cancan'i yetim bırakınca Bryan Rite önderliğinde bir grup geliştirici başka bir proje olan cancancan'i sahiplendi ve bunu geliştirmeye devam etti.

Yani cancancan sanılanın aksine cancan'den sonra ortaya çıkmış veya cancan'in yokluğuna karşılık geliştirilmiş bir GEM değil, 2009'dan beri hayatta olan bir proje. Ancak en aktif geliştirme sürecini ise 2014'ün Ocak ve Eylül ayları arasında (Ryan'ın ortadan kayboluşu) yaşıyor. Ryan nerede birileri tartışadursun, biz ayakları yere daha sağlam bakan alternatiflere gidelim.

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Why did I migrate from wordpress to grav?

Wordpress is a great CMS, with full of features, huge community support and rich extensions. According to recent numbers, 25% of all websites around the Internet are powered by Wordpress. The second most popular CMS after Wordpress is Joomla with 2.8% share across CMSs. Wordpress is obviously a dominating software among CMSs. Probably this is because of the configurability of Wordpress with rich plug-in and theme support - which makes it a great fit for many scenarios. However, yesterday I left this mature and proven CMS and migrated to Grav.

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