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Go runtimes in AWS Lambda

Introduction AL2 runtimes and migrating from AL1 to AL2 for NodeJS, Python, Ruby, and .NET are pretty straightforward. The only exception is Go. Things are a bit cumbersome there as a custom runtime named provided.al2 comes into play. By the time of this writing, the following runtimes are provided by AWS: Name Identifier Operating system Architectures Node.js 18 nodejs18.x Amazon Linux 2 x86_64, arm64 Node.js 16 nodejs16.x Amazon Linux 2 x86_64, arm64 Node....

November 19, 2022 · 4 min · Serhat M. Dündar
Bords de riviere (1868) - Johan Barthold Jongkind

A Primitive Hashing Function in Go

Cryptographic hash functions are complex mathematical calculations. Therefore understanding them requires a considerable amount of time and patience. However, they all have things in common: an input, a cryptographic algorithm, and an output. Recently, I had a chance to study some popular cryptographic hash functions, such as MD5 and SHA-1, and tried to understand how they really work. Wikipedia pages I linked include a considerable amount of information already, and more can be found online, but what I want to do was understand similarities between them and write my own primitive hashing function in Go....

January 23, 2022 · 4 min · Serhat M. Dündar
La Campagne Nivernaise (1873) - Johan Barthold Jongkind

Canary AWS Lambda Deployments

Lambdas aren’t easy. This isn’t just a provocative start, but instead my overall experience planning, creating, and deploying them. Let’s be honest, making something up and running requires plenty of AWS knowledge. One might get lost easily even inside IAM alone. IAM groups, IAM users, IAM roles, IAM group policy attachments, IAM policy documents, IAM role policies - and how they connect is confusing enough considering what Lambda promises, simplicity. And this is just IAM....

June 14, 2021 · 10 min · Serhat M. Dündar